6 Point Fitness Test

peak flow test

Peak Flow

Your Peak Flow is the maximum flow rate during a forced expiration, this gives us the
indication of the size and power of your lungs, we use it to understand a persons lung
function ability and progression.
Your Peak Flow is taken and recorded as part of the 6 Point Fitness Test used by HD1 Fitness
Clinic and as part of our Pre- Personal Training consultation.
Having a good level of physical activity helps our clients to improve their lung function, “
What gets measured gets improved.”

body fat test

Body Fat Percentage

Body Fat Percentage is not your BMI, they are completely different, here at HD1 Fitness
Clinic we use only Body Fat Percentage.
Body Composition refers to an analysis of what your body is made up of, skeletal muscle,
fat, bones, organs and other compositions.
The definition Body Fat Percentage is simply the percentage of weight that is comprised of
fat, therefore when we measure your Body Fat Percentage we are able to identify of your
weight how much is fat. “What get measured gets improved“

resting heart rate test

Resting Heart Rate

One of the easiest ways to gauge your health and fitness is to measure your resting heart
rate, this is the number of heart beats per minute whilst at rest.
Here at HD1 Fitness Clinic we use a very simple measure of a Fingertip Oximeter which is
placed over the end of the finger giving us the opportunity to measure your heart rate at
It’s proven that regular exercise can help lower your Resting Heart Rate and add value to
your overall health and well being. “ What gets measured gets improved”

blood pressure test

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure measurement gives HD1 Fitness Clinic information regarding the clients
baseline cardiovascular status, response to exercise and helps guide exercise programmes.
Being inactive is linked to high blood pressure, therefore increasing your activity levels will reduce
your blood pressure and it’s a fact that physical activity will help in the long term to lower your
blood pressure. “What gets measured gets improved ”

isometric strength test


The purpose of this test is to measure our clients maximum isometric strength, here at HD1
Fitness Clinic we use a hand held dynamometer which measures the strength in the hand and
forearm muscles, which in turn as a general rule strong in the hands reflects strong elsewhere.
As part of our 6 Point Fitness Test it gives the client an opportunity to see where they are with
their strength and may well require a programme that increases their strength.
“What gets measured gets improved“

Core Strength

Core Strength

We use the sports specific endurance plank test to validate global core muscle endurance, a strong
core will minimize the chance of doing other movements to compensate for a weak core.
A strong core can lead to good balance if progressing to more complex activities, such as cycling,
running and many others that involve coordinating movements.
Once the test has been carried out measuring your plank endurance, HD1 Fitness Clinic are then
able to advise on the relevant programme to required to improve your core strength.
“What gets measured get improved"

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