Sports Specific Training

Here at HD1 Fitness Clinic we have introduced Sports Specific Group Training Sessions, which is simply fitness and performance training sessions designed specifically for the sport you participate in. The sessions will include strength, power, flexibility, agility mobility and injury risk reduction and exercises specific to the sport the individual participates in. The sessions duration will be 45 minutes, making use of your own body weight, with the use of resistant bands, foam rollers and stretching of relevant muscle groups.

Personal Training

The Personal Training at HD1 Fitness Clinic is carried out by Trevor Seymour and AJ Fitness who are fully qualified Personal Trainers with over 25 years experience between them, they will assess your current level of fitness and create a personalised training plan based on your end goal.

Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is definitely intense and fast - paced, however it’s a great activity for any fitness level and because YOU determine how hard YOU work and YOU control your bikes resistance, YOU will get out as much as YOU put in. Cycling to the beat of the fantastic music played, whilst warming up, hill climbing, sprinting, tempo and cooling down at the end, the 45 minute session should leave you wanting more.

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Image of body fat test at HD1 Fitness Clinic

Fitness Test

Peak Flow

Body Fat Percentage.

Resting Heart Rate.

Blood Pressure


Core Strength ( Plank)

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