Are you looking for gyms in Huddersfield, look no further we are more than just a personal training gym in Huddersfield and we are only 3 minutes away from Huddersfield town centre with plenty of parking within the area of the clinic, we are a gym for the community.

Space and Equipment.

Unlike The Gym, JD and Trugym we don't have 100s of treadmills in a row, we don't have 100's of cross trainers back to back, we don't have a swimming pool and sauna, we are not a ladies only gym. In the gym here at HD1 Fitness Clinic we do have space, privacy and a place where you can train either on your own or with of our Personal Trainers and get the workout you need.

Weight & Shape Package

We offer physical therapy, exercise classes, vSpin and space to rent, we also offer gym access as a stand alone offer, your best option is take advantage of our Weight and Shape offer for all the benefits of HD1 Fitness Clinic.

So many Gyms

There are so many gyms in Huddersfield, we felt the town was crying out for something different and with more benefits to start or improve your well being journey, personal training, sports massage and exercise classes all under one roof.

What are the benefits of taking our Weight and Shape package? 


Inside HD1 Fitness Clinic showing all the equipment used to exercise
Well Being

HD1 Fitness Clinic is more than just a Personal Training gym, we opened HD1 Fitness Clinic with a clear vision in mind – to not only offer the best all-round wellbeing services, but to empower our users to break the cycle of stress, anxiety, type 2 diabetes, obesity and mental health issues to build a brighter future for the community of Huddersfield and Kirklees.

Simply the Best

We achieve our goal through recruiting the right personal trainers, fitness coaches and therapists to build an unbeatable team.

TMS Well Being, exercise classes including Vspin, Weight and Shape and Personal Training all under one roof.

As we all look forward to getting back to normal after re-opening on 12th April, our online spin classes are still proving very popular as people want get in shape or maintain their fitness from the comfort of their own home, we plan to continue with online as well as live here at the clinic.

19th January 2022 brand new class launched. 

We are pleased o announce a brand new class to HD1 Fitness Clinic, go to to our classes page and take a look, if you fancy it book online as a Weight & Shape member or PAYG.

How do I book a Sports Massage?

Weight & Shape

Helping  you on the road to exercise, better nutrition and improved mental health.

Personal Training

Our team of personal trainers help our customers achieve their health and wellness goals.

Physical Therapy & Massage

Our therapists at TMS Well Being offer sports and holistic massage and other services to suit your needs.