8 Reasons Why You Should Try Spin Classes | Benefits of Spin

By HD1 Fitness Clinic | April 29, 2022

Chances are you’ve probably heard someone talking about that amazing spin class they go to. You’ve probably also wondered how sitting on a stationary bike in a dark room full of sweaty humans cycling. We have 8 reasons why you should start peddling and seeing the benefits of spin classes. 1) HAPPY HORMONES You know that feeling…

Local Gyms with more to come it’s exciting

By HD1 Fitness Clinic | April 1, 2022

There are several local gyms in Huddersfield and Kirklees. Ranging from commercial gyms such as JD Gyms, The Gym and Trugym to other gyms such as Kirklees Leisure Centre and many other KAL connected gyms around Kirklees. There are plenty of them and there is no reason why there shouldn’t be. If we can get…

Gentleman trying out the gym to see if he wants to take on gym membership at HD1 Fitness Clinic

Gym Memberships vs Covid 19, we love the challenge

By HD1 Fitness Clinic | March 26, 2022

Gyms vs Covid 19 Well Covid 19 has completely changed the fitness industry and gyms in Huddersfield and the UK, after almost 2 years of people cooped up at home getting very little exercise. The fitness industry can say despite restricting the spike in gym memberships has matched. The gym has been a no go…

Fitness Trainer helping a client to exercise at a gym in Huddersfield

Fitness Experts and the truth about Gym Anxieties.

By HD1 Fitness Clinic | May 22, 2021

Trevor Seymour: Owner HD1 Fitness Clinic My take on it is that, the anxiety lies in the actual return to the gym. Previously we have always felt safe in an environment that we can train and feel comfortable. We now have gyms that are obviously in Huddersfield and the UK following Covid 19 safety procedures.…

A man exercising at HD1 Fitness Clinic

Survival of the Fittest

By HD1 Fitness Clinic | May 13, 2021

As the final stages of the governments roadmap out of Covid 19 comes to the country over the next 6 weeks. Further restrictions lifted, a return on Monday 17th May of exercise classes indoors. Step 4 on June 21st, it’s been tough for everyone however there is a silver lining for the future. Especially all…

Top Exciting Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer in Huddersfield?

By HD1 Fitness Clinic | May 7, 2021

Do you want to hire a personal trainer to help you get in shape, but wonder if you should spend the money? Working with a trainer can push your fitness level forward much more quickly than working out on your own. There are some great Personal Trainers working out of a majority gyms and leisure…