‘ There is more to life than meets the eye’

“I used to be a very angry person. Like on the roads for example if anyone ever cut me off, I would be the type of person that would drive dangerously right up their rear. Until I found Reiki in a hard time and it changed my life.”

For those who haven’t heard of Reiki, it’s a holistic therapy whereby the practitioner uses energy for healing.

Rob Linden spoke eloquently about Reiki, its Japanese origins and about the science behind Reiki at last week’s Well-being forum.

Reiki is a Japanese word comprimised  of two syllables: “Rei” and “Ki”. Ki carries the meaning of ‘life force energy’, whereas Rei has the meaning of ‘Universal’ or ‘Divine’. Reiki is life energy that flows through the universe and all living things in it. A Reiki practitioner understands that everyone has the ability to tap into this ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ and to channel it through themselves and into others. To do this they have to be ‘attuned’ to Reiki. This is similar to tuning in a radio to a frequency where a radio channel is being broadcast. But with Reiki we are being tuned to the energy that already surrounds us.

“The way I see life energy is as light which is at such a high frequency it is outside the visible spectrum like infrared and ultra violet, but much higher. There are many different types of frequencies that we can’t see but we know are all around us like 4G for example and radio wave. So, is it not possible that Reiki is one of them too?”.

Energy is a very difficult thing to explain and there is very little thoughts or words can do to describe it but when you feel it; you know.

As we found when Liz, Roberts partner and Reiki practitioner walked around the room giving everybody a taste of Reiki. Placing her hands on the heads and shoulders of everyone in the room, she transmitted the healing, life force energy into each and every one of us. We all agreed that we felt an unfamiliar form of heat, at the very least.

“I felt heat and I felt relaxed, but subconsciously I felt like I was unable to handle it as I have PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder)”. Said one of the members of the Well-being forum, “I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time, I’ve done a bit of meditation and I’ve tried other things, but nothing seems to work for me”.

As it happens, Rob was looking for someone like this, with PTSD to work with and help them overcome it.

He offered her some free Reiki sessions and at this point she overcome with emotions. I can only imagine what these Reiki sessions will do for her.

The evening closed with a group Reiki ‘Experience’ which was initiated by a guided meditation, which allowed the Reiki energy to flow into everyone in the group simultaneously. It left a deeply relaxed and still atmosphere in the room.

For a lot of people, this form of healing may seem a little intangible, but for many it is life changing.

For more information and enquiries on Reiki, contact Liz & Rob Linden:

Liz: 07883 010863

Rob: 07899 063356

Website: https://kickstart-wellness.co.uk

Facebook: KickStart- Wellness

Email: Enquiries@kickstart-wellness.co.uk


And to get involved in more experiences like this. Come down to the Well-Being Forum on every Tuesday at 6:30, upstairs in the HD1 Fitness Clinic.

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